Project Title: Beta Test of the Information Collection Rule (ICR) Software Keywords: Software testing, technical support, Environmental
Client: U.S. EPA Location: Cincinnati, OH
Description: IntelliTech provided key technical support to International Consultants, Inc., the primary contractor, during a mock test (beta test) of the Information Collection Rule (ICR) software. The ICR software was specifically designed to collect analytical data from select drinking water suppliers and their associated analytical laboratories over an 18-month period. The data, when collected, will be instrumental in the drinking water standard rule making process. The purpose of the ICR Beta Test project was to fully test the capabilities of the software prior to final distribution of the program to subject drinking water systems and their associated laboratories. The beta test as a whole, was broken out into two distinct segments, one being the drinking water utility side and the other being the laboratory side. IntelliTech developed, managed, and maintained all analytical result data generated by mock laboratories.
Project Title: Information Management Support the Superfund Technical Support Center Keywords: Environmental Hotline, Technical Call Center
Client: U.S. EPA Location: Cincinnati, OH
Description: For this on-going project, IntelliTech personnel maintain the Risk Information and ORD Combustion Technical Assistance Center Hot line for the National Center for Environmental Assessments (NCEA) located at the EPA in Cincinnati, Ohio. As part of the system maintenance, IntelliTech personnel respond to detailed chemical questions pertaining to all Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) risk assessments, provide information on health risk assessment issues related to dose-response, toxic kinetics /mechanism of action, duration of study, in addition to, other critical effects presented in an IRIS assessment. Moreover, based on questions received by the hot line, and the responses provided, IntelliTech will compile and distribute, to key U.S. EPA personnel frequently asked questions along with their associated responses.

Project Title: Fixture Design for Mustang A/C Blend Door Test Stand Keywords: Automotive Engineering, PLC Software, Leak Testing System
Client: Ford Motor Company Location: Plymouth, MI
Description: Task 1: IntelliTech provided the Ford Motor Company with test fixtures for the Ford Mustang A/C Blower Blend Door. As part of the project work, IntelliTech designed and developed an automated stand to hold the climate control unit to be leak checked. The stand was then integrated with the programmable logic control (PLC) and the automobile's air supply system. Some of the specific task completed by IntelliTech for Ford included: • Development of the system requirement document • Development of prototype PLC software • Design and fabrication of the test stand currently being used by engineers and technicians at the Ford Motor Company testing facility • Integration of the PLC, Test Stand, and air supply system IntelliTech also developed a methodology to analyze system performance in a real-time mode, enabling Ford to establish statistical baselines for analyzing the risks associated with the testing algorithm. Task 2: Because of superior performance on a previous design project, IntelliTech was selected by the Ford Motor Company to design a totally automated system for the Ford Mustang A/C system. IntelliTech provided technical and analytical support on this project to support the objectives of the Sheldon Road climate control manufacturing plant. The project included the design, development, and integration of leak testing software; programmable logic control and statistical process control software. As part of this project, IntelliTech engineers and software support managers identified the user interface with the test stand and the software during unit production in real-time mode. IntelliTech was tasked with the development of the software product specifications document and the design and implementation of the real-time statistical process control software. Our personnel also produced a user manual and a system version description document, publications being used by employees at the climate control plant now. IntelliTech also integrated programmable logic control (PLC) and statistical process control (SPC) software in real-time mode, and developed test procedures and configuration for the control process.
Project Title: Network Installation/Configuration & Manufacturing Bar Code System Keywords: Local Area Network (LAN) Installation/Configuration, Database Development, Barcoding, Touchscreen application, Manufacturing System, Inventory Control
Client: Jayna Industries Location: Troy, OH
Description: IntelliTech Systems developed a complete solution for Jayna Industries’ requirement to print bar code labels at each manufacturing station in its plant. The solution consists of: • Installed and configured network hardware including: o Server, Multiple Workstations, Cabling, Operating System, 2- Zebra thermal-transfer printers, 2- Touch Screen monitors, SQL database • Develop Touch Screen Application to allow two stations to print compliant labels for major automotive customers. o Touchscreen Application provides one-button printing of compliant labels to be applied to shipping boxes and pallets. • Develop Administration Module to provide data entry for manufacturing planning. o The administration module will consist of two main features: 1. Entry screen to allow the administrator to input the manufacturing schedule 2. Manufacturing Reporting features. This application provided Jayna with a tool that allows the plant workers to print their own labels and gives management valuable information that was not available prior to the installation of the network system.
Project Title: On-Site Information Management Center Keywords: Superfund Technical Support, Hotline, Database Management
Client: NCEA/USEPA Location: Cincinnati, OH
Description: This is an IntelliTech prime contract with the USEPA. Currently, IntelliTech staff provides technical support for three different centers, The Superfund Health Risk Technical Support Center, ORD Combustion, and ERASC hotlines for NCEA located at the USEPA Andrew W. Breidenbach Research Center (ABWERC) office in Cincinnati, Ohio. IntelliTech personnel respond to requests received via telephone, fax, and e-mail. They also have provided support in the area of human health toxicity assessment and evaluation. The staff is also responsible for the dissemination of USEPA approved materials including the Health Effects Assessment Summary Tables (HEAST), and Provisional Risk Assessment Issue Papers. The hotline personnel are also responsible for maintaining multiple in-house Microsoft Access databases for tracking requestor information, currently available materials, on-going research initiatives and contact and referral information. Additional responsibilities include developing written responses and statistical reports, troubleshooting for the HEAST document, and developing outreach materials regarding currently available information, recent trends, and upcoming events in the area of human health toxicity and assessment. The Project Manager is also responsible for the monthly, quarterly and yearly progress reports for all hotlines - STSC, CTAC, ECO, TIU, and TSS, periodically updating HEAST documents and the operating manuals for all the hotlines that are used for training programs.
Project Title: Programming, Analysis, Software Documentation, and Technical Support. Keywords: Web Development, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Mainframe Development, Data Mapping.
Client: Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC) Location: WPAFB, OH
Description: IntelliTech Systems, Inc. won a competitive 8(a) three year, $3MM contract with AFSAC at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) to provide information technology support to AFSAC/SDID. AFSAC provides a wide variety of materiel and logistics services to support Air Force weapon systems purchased and used by U.S. allies and friendly foreign nations. AFSAC currently supports 80 different nations and 170 aircraft types. In support of the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) mission, AFSAC manages the SAMIS and AFSAC online client server web based system. The AFSAC online system interfaces with SAMIS, SATODS, and JCALSs data systems and has over 450 on-line users. AFSAC also supports the FMS mission via a client server Oracle database and numerous custom applications developed utilizing the Oracle 9i development suite (forms, reports, graphics, etc.). The web development platform extends outreach services to many overseas customers and personnel at various Air Logistics Centers.
Project Title: Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) Installations and Support (I&S) Mission Area Business Execution Database (BED) to Web and Environmental Management Business Performance Indicator Database Keywords: Web Development, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Mainframe Development, Data Mapping.
Client: Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC/A7) Location: WPAFB, OH
Description: IntelliTech recently won a competitive full and open procurement to build an internet-based application suite (database and application) designed to capture financial and performance data (inputs) and provide financial and performance analysis tools and reports for the 84+ products and services (outputs). Principles of the Chief Financial Officer’s Compliant Act of 1990 and the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) of 1993 is being used to the extent possible and practical. The application will provide user-friendly input screens and flexibility to sort and summarize data by installation and Command level, total and unit cost, by a variety of fields, such as, funding category and source, WBS level (business line, product line, product and service), and performance measures.
Project Title: P2-IPT & LGP-EV Web Site, Design & Development Keywords: Web Site Design/Development
Client: Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC/LGP-EV) Location: WPAFB, OH
Description: IntelliTech designed and created a P2-IPT database for web pages that were for the Pollution Prevention Integrated Product Team of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The web pages allow Internet users to register for events that P2-IPT offers. The P2-IPT team members will be able to import the data from the registrants into an Access database. From the database, data may be queried and placed into specific reports. The database allows the P2-IPT team to keep precise and up-to-date information on meetings and registrants.
Project Title: Oracle Database Specialist, On-Site Support Personnel Keywords: Network Support, Oracle Database Development
Client: Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC/A7C) Location: WPAFB, OH
Description: IntelliTech has placed an Oracle Database specialist on-site to provide the following technical support for the USAF EOSH/ACES program. Database administration (Oracle 8.0.5 server on Windows NT; Oracle 8.0.5 and 8.1.6 clients on Win NT, 95, 98, 2000) • Installation and configuration of new database servers • Creation of new databases and schemas • Administration of legacy databases • Packaging, documentation, and help desk phone support for client installations • Alterations to schema and corresponding code • Backup/restore • Version control, patching, and upgrading • Replication techniques to synchronize database with larger external database • Connectivity troubleshooting for clients (Net8 troubles, etc.) Database programming • PL/SQL procedures • Enable convenient management of users and security by non-technical managers • Web-enabled Oracle Forms for three-tier database implementation
Project Title: Business Exchange for Secure Transactions (BEST) Keywords: eCommerce/eBusiness, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Barcoding/RFID
Client: Commercial Service Offering Location: Multiple
Description: BEST is an eCommerce solution for companies to offer a means for their suppliers to send and receive electronic business documents via the Web. This solution consists of a customized web site that is built on top of IntelliTech’s BEST engine. Typical uses for the system include sending orders and forecasts and receiving invoices and shipping documents. Integrated bar coding applications are also included when necessary. This provides the customer with a streamlined way to correspond with a supplier base. The secure site also reduces the cost per transaction by approximately 80% when compared to a manual process and by 30-40% when compared to other traditional electronic exchanges. IntelliTech also incorporates integration services to ensure the data flowing between organizations is fully integrated into legacy systems to provide maximum efficiency. These systems include accounting software, ERP systems, and Warehouse Management Systems. IntelliTech develops, maintains, and supports IntelliTech BEST systems. There is often no cost to the customer as the revenue is generated by the transactions of the suppliers. Technologies Involved in the Development of BEST: • Visual Basic Integration Programs • HTML coding • HTTP/Secure FTP • Java and Java Script • XML
Project Title: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System Integration Keywords: eCommerce/eBusiness, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Data Integration
Client: JTM Foods Location: Cincinnati, OH
Description: IntelliTech provided custom programming to allow JTM Provisions, Inc. to receive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) purchase orders from their largest customer, Kroger, and integrate that data with JTM’s internal system. EDI is a method of communicating business documents meant for computer-to-computer interpretation, using a standardized format. IntelliTech developed an automated application that converts inbound EDI purchase orders into a file format required to import into JTM's proprietary system. This streamlined process eliminated the need for JTM to re-key purchase orders that arrive via EDI. This reduces data entry errors, inventory levels, and invoice turn-around time. IntelliTech has also been contracted to integrate the invoice portion of the EDI process and provide similar services for other customers.
Project Title: Budget and Expenditure Tracking System (BETS) Keywords: Client/Server Development, VB.Net, Database development, System Security, Vulnerability Assessment
Client: US EPA Location: Cincinnati, OH
Description: IntelliTech performed all functions of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). IntelliTech staff worked with EPA clients to gather and define requirements, prototype a system, fully develop, test and deploy the financial tracking system. The solution allows administrative staff to enter budget and expense records and provides branch chiefs (management) with real-time information for decision-making purposes.