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Project Title: Beta Test of the Information Collection Rule (ICR) Software Keywords: Software testing, technical support, Environmental, Drinking Water
Client: U.S. EPA Beta Test of the Office of Groundwater & Drinking Water Location: Cincinnati, OH
Description: IntelliTech provided key technical support to International Consultants, Inc., the primary contractor, during a mock test (beta test) of the Information Collection Rule (ICR) software. The ICR software was specifically designed to collect analytical data from select drinking water suppliers and their associated analytical laboratories over an 18-month period. The data, when collected, will be instrumental in the drinking water standard rule making process. The purpose of the ICR Beta Test project was to fully test the capabilities of the software prior to final distribution of the program to subject drinking water systems and their associated laboratories. The beta test as a whole, was broken out into two distinct segments, one being the drinking water utility side and the other being the laboratory side. IntelliTech developed, managed, and maintained all analytical result data generated by mock laboratories.
Project Title: Information Management Support the Superfund Technical Support Center Keywords: Environmental Hotline, Technical Call Center
Client: U.S. EPA Location: Cincinnati, OH
Description: For this on-going project, IntelliTech personnel maintain the Risk Information and ORD Combustion Technical Assistance Center Hot line for the National Center for Environmental Assessments (NCEA) located at the EPA in Cincinnati, Ohio. As part of the system maintenance, IntelliTech personnel respond to detailed chemical questions pertaining to all Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) risk assessments, provide information on health risk assessment issues related to dose-response, toxic kinetics /mechanism of action, duration of study, in addition to, other critical effects presented in an IRIS assessment. Moreover, based on questions received by the hot line, and the responses provided, IntelliTech will compile and distribute, to key U.S. EPA personnel frequently asked questions along with their associated responses.

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